Scams, Scams, and more Scams

There are so many criminals out there using computer scams . . .too many to count . . But I’ve seen or heard of 11 attempts to scam folks this week alone.

We’ve all gotten the email from the King of Nigeria wanting to borrow our bank account for a few days and offering a king’s ransom to do it.  Lately though there are far more sinister schemes out there ripping off thousands of folks and little is being done to stop them. It’s up to you to stay safe.  No amount of antivirus protection or hard to guess passwords will protect you.

The first clue that an attempt to scam you is contact by someone you don’t know.  It might be a phone call, it might be an email, or it might a pop-up taking control of your computer while you’re shopping online.  It might say Microsoft (it isn’t.)  They might say they’re from Windows (they’re not).  It might be scary. It might be telling you that your computer is about to crash. (it might.)  . . . but don’t . . don’t . . . positively DON’T CALL, DON’T REPLY, DON’T RESPOND.  Don’t even try to waste their time. They are evil and they are out to damage you.

If you’re not sure call me.   Anytime.   I’ll probably tell you to turn off your computer or hang up the phone.  Turn off your Internet modem, and run a virus scan.  BUT DON’T CALL THE 800 NUMBER IN THE AD. Don’t engage them.  They are EVIL DOERS.

Are you scared yet?

A very good customer of mine recently gave away information about his bank account to one of these scammers.  You’re first thought is he’s probably not too sharp. .  he is.  Most of his career was as a CEO of a medium sized corporation.  Yes he’s college educated.  Yes he’s well informed.  Yes He fell hook line and sinker for the talented banter of the scammer.

The EVIL DOERS are good at what they do.  If you let them into your computer they’ll walk you through unfamiliar screens claiming they show your computer is making thousands of errors.  They’ll tell you your antivirus is an obsolete version, they’ll tell you your computer will fail and they may even plant viruses on your computer.  DON’T LET THEM IN.

If they call, if they write, if they  . . . never mind.  They’re already planning some new way to scam you.

Just say NO.

Still uncertain . . give me a call

Want to see how they work – search for Computer Scams. There are some very good videos on the subject.