How to upgrade to Windows 10 ….smoothly

Not every upgrade will go smoothly.  It’s been out long enough for us to get a good handle on what’s needed to upgrade.  Before you do anything else, click on the Windows Upgrade Icon at appeared a couple of months ago.  Look to see if the upgrade is available for you computer. (I’ve run into a few Dell laptops that get the warning that the BIOS isn’t available.)  If you have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 you should be able to get the upgrade.  If your computer is running Vista, XP or something earlier . . get a new computer, it’s time.

Before you begin, check your antivirus – is it active and updated.  Run a scan.  Check with your antivirus company’s website to make sure your product is compatible with Windows 10.  You may have to download and install a new version. (Free where I’ve checked)

Antivirus up to date? Next step, shut it down. You don’t want it interfering with the update.  They all shut down differently, if your unsure, google:”Shut down Kaspersky” or Norton or AVG, etc)

Open Internet explorer and go to this website:

Click on the purple download button appropriate to your machine (32 or 64 bit, almost everything made in the last 5 years is 64 bit)

Follow the prompts.  If your not successful, give us call, we’ll be glad to help.