Best Advice I can give you – Caring for your computer

Several of my customer’s computers protected by Norton Antivirus (working and up to date) were compromised by viruses, malware, and other evil doers recently. I went to my peers – a group of computer repair professionals with this question:

I used to tell my customers, “All my best customers use McAfee, you probably don’t want to be one of my best customers.” Lately though, when I find a badly infected computer with rootkits, malware, and enough evil-doers to bring it to a halt, it more than like has what appears to be a complete up to date and working Norton product. I usually get it back using Kaspersky. Is the old axiom, “You’ll never get fired for buying Norton (OK, old axiom was IBM) no longer true?

I had many responses and the conclusions are fairly simple:

Norton antivirus – not working as well as it did a few years ago.

McAfee – is not working, never has. Get it off your computer and be sure to cancel your subscription.

Kaspersky and Bit Defender are the best of a bad bunch.

Still, you need to be cautious. Never open an email from USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex or anyone else unless you regularly communicate with them by email. They do not send out emails to announce your package, COD, or lottery winnings are waiting for you.

Download free software only from trusted sites. Most free downloads come with dozens of evil-doers attached. If you’re installing free software READ EVERY PAGE carefully. Refuse to let any software on your machine that you don’t specifically want.

Never let these evil-does on your machine: Ask Toolbar, Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, anything to do with “Drivers”, Coupons, or Shopping shortcuts.

Update Java, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash – and   CAUTION!  opt out of the extra stuff they want to put on your computer

A simple rule, if it wants to install, and you didn’t go asking for it, don’t install it.