Webcam fun

Webcam Fun

WEBCAM FUN – Everyone needs a profile picture – Facebook, Linked In, and most other social networks ask for them. If you wear glasses, as I do, capturing your portrait on a webcam and not capturing a lot glare from the monitor is a challenging. I killed the glare by stretching a white t-shirt over the monitor. I could see just enough of the monitor to move the mouse and click the snapshot – and got a portrait without the monitors reflection. I found Windows 8.1’s built in camera software (search the charms) delivered the sharpest photo with my Logitec webcam. Remember, you can snap 50 or 100 photos to get the best shot. You haven’t wasted a dime on film. Us seniors, naturally frugal, can’t quite get used to digital photography. In 1960 a roll of film cost $1.50, developing $4 and that got you 8 Kodachromes. ($25 in today $)