Updates, Updates, Updates . . .

Everytime I turn around, my computer wants to update something, wants me to restart, what’s with all the updates?

There are three types of updates you see frequently: Java, Adobe (Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader), and Windows.

Windows updates happen automatically on most computers. Microsoft downloads a monthly update on the second Tuesday of each month. There are update options on the control panel that allow you to limit or change the updates, but Supertecs recommends you let the updates occur automatically. Windows will ask you to restart your computer following the updates. Do It!

Java updates: Java may be necessary, but there is an evil streak in every update.   You need to install Java updates regularly. USE CAUTION. Whenever Java updates are installed, they try to install a toolbar. The toolbar is useless, slows down your Internet access and is downright evil. You must de-select the option to install the toolbar, or it will be automatically installed. (I’ve heard they get paid about half a buck for corrupting your Internet Explorer with and ASK toolbar.) If the toolbar is installed, you can remove it by going to the control panel, selecting ‘programs’, and uninstalling it. While you’re there, uninstall all the toolbars. Some of the most common are Websearch (a particularly evil doer) and Google toolbars. Neither is useful.

The third update – Adobe’s updates (flash and Adobe reader) also has an evil streak and tries to install some other useless product on your computer. With Adobe, you also have to de-select the optional install. Lately, it’s been some useless virus scanner from McAfee. If you have it, uninstall it too.

I really don’t understand why successful companies – Adobe, Oracle (maker of Java), ASK, and McAfee would continue their evil practice of drive by installs. Perhaps more public criticism will change that.

Drive-by installs are evil.